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Health Through Design

19 Sep 16
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Liberation Behavioral Health is a non-profit Treatment Center that treats addiction and behavioral health issues and do it teaching technological design methods. We operate within the states of Nevada, Arizona and California and work with the courts and other governmental entities to rehabilitate repeat offenders and drug-addicted individuals that may or may not have related behavioral health issues. We believe that art and design can help these individuals. Our main goal is to help people recover from addiction and subsequent behavioral health issues and help them to become productive members of society and reintegrate into their communities successfully. We also help families of addicted individuals and believe that the path to recovery lies in the stability of the family unit.


We do community outreach programs that mainly target lower socioeconomic demographics such as homeless and people generally living on the street that may or may not have mental health issues. We’ve established 12 food banks that help people in the community receive free food in intervals of two week periods to help them get back on their feet when they have nothing. Liberation Behavioral Health also works with Catholic Charities to organize events on holidays to feed the Homeless. Also, in conjunction with Catholic Charities we provide food benefit programs through Snap and the California welfare system to help people that aren’t really making it on what they earn. We also offer design classes for those that want them.This is also part of the poverty demographic or lower socio-economic demographic.


Our community outreach programs encompass two separate entities which primarily operates services for people that are in the greatest need. We do this work as a non-profit organization at the same time as a community outreach organization. The two entities are distinctive and are distinguished from one another because the latter is mainly supported by volunteer work and Community donations. As where the former entity is supported through government grants and government non-profit organizations. Although we are a non-governmental organization we do benefit from NGO’s, such as the gates foundation, by receiving subsidies.


In September we have our annual NGO and non-profit organization event that will be held at the downtown Civic Center in Phoenix Arizona On Design Art and Rehab.. This event is sponsored by the state of Arizona. We do a lot of our work in the Phoenix and the greater Phoenix area. The community comes together as well as non-governmental and governmental organizations to sponsor this event to get the community involved and to be aware of community outreach programs.


The primary message that we relay is that these programs are in desperate need of community participation. Our event will be catered by Langford Catering which completely donated all of their services. it will entail a lot of planning and organization. The Civic Center has generously donated it’s facilities for the event so that we can get out the word and help the community understand that volunteering for community outreach programs is very necessary. To reiterate, the main goal of this event is to educate the community about volunteering and donating money to programs such as Liberation Behavioral Health and design art programs. and other non-profit organizations that help those most in need.

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