Design Sexy girls

What really is design and art and architecture. These are actually abstract concepts of the Mind derived from the human condition to describe States of creation. It truly will construct a design for a truly well building is so this role is so beautiful how can anyone say it is not an extension of The Human Condition. I was looking one time at the ductwork inside of a buildings air conditioning system and I was struck by the beauty of the systematic structure the beauty of the roundness of the squareness of the parallelogram is and all of the features that made it so spectacularly useful. These are the abstract Concepts and the parts of design that we generally do not see on a day-to-day basis but that we must compare to the things that we see in our everyday lives. We have captured the essence of creativity within design so we must be made one or made whole with the aspects Within the body of knowledge itself so I’m trying to say is design is perfect humidity is perfect in all the 10 perfection profession is a tattoo heart because these are only abstract Concepts and what is and what is made to be as perfect and so in its simplicity design is perfect because it was created for what it is meant for it was created for a purpose and its design was to be designed and then Essence is perfection.

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